Firefox 3.0

Firefox 3 is a developer preview release of Mozilla's Firefox web browser
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Firefox 3 is a developer preview release of Mozilla's Firefox web browser.
Firefox 3 has lots of updates over Firefox 3. This changes were made to improve stability and web compatibility, provide user interface enhancements, and speed.

It now provides an icon on the left of the address bar, wher you can check the verified identity of the site owner, if provided. Funny, Mozilla itself is not providing that info in its own page, but Paypal does. Firefox now provides malware protection, warning users when they arrive at sites reported as installing viruses, spyware, trojans or other malware. Also it doesn´t display the contents of suspected pages.

Firefox 3 makes the plugin management more efficient, checking for new ones and uninstalling the old ones. It now integrates with your antivirus software when downloading executable files. It restricts some cookies.

Firefox 3 now includes support to resume downloads, and a better download manager. Its general appearance has been slightly improved, with some new icons.

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  • It´s very fast and more secure than it´s predecesor


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