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Firefox is one the most popular Web browsers. It is fast, convenient and safe
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For several years Mozilla has been slowly losing its Web browser market share to other companies. Nevertheless, Firefox still remains one of the most popular Web browsers today, and considering the serious rearrangement that came to the browser with the latest update, Mozilla is not going to give up that easily. The company put a good shine on the design of the browser, making it minimalistic, stylish and practical.

The interface became more intuitive and less fussy, which makes browsing experience very smooth and not distracting. The built-in spell checker proved to work quite well, and I really liked the sync feature that allows to make all you bookmarks, passwords and history instantly available from all you devices. Another reason to create a Firefox account is the new Firefox Hello service that allows you to connect with your friends over the video from within the browser for free. Those who are new to Firefox will also enjoy the brief non-intrusive tutorial that launches upon the first start and allows the users to grab the hang of all the browser's features very quickly.

Another important argument in favor of migrating to Firefox is safety. According to the research conducted this year by the Ponemon Institute, Mozilla is on the Top 10 list of The Most Trusted Companies for Privacy. Moreover, if you do care about the safety of your data, you will certainly love the easy access to private windows that Firefox provides.

And, naturally, the browsing speed. Firefox has always been known as the fastest browser, and Mozilla proudly holds onto the title. So if you didn't like the recent updates of your browser or simply wish to try out something new, Firefox is undoubtedly worthy of your attention.

Sam Bates
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