Firefox 73.0

A powerful web browser with multiple tabs, embedded VPN and more
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Browse the Internet using multiple tabs, bookmark your favorite pages and use the private mode to stop websites from tracking you. Synchronize your data and your current browsing activity across all your devices.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the fastest free web browsers available in the tech market. Multifaceted, the browser comes with various features like Pocket, live bookmarking, tabbed browsing, download manager, upgraded privacy protection, etc.

Firefox is best known for its high-speed functionality. Since it uses less RAM compared to other browsers, the speed of operation is not compromised even if you are working with multiple tabs. The design of the browser is simple but has a sophisticated touch to it. It actually gives you a sleek browsing experience.

Firefox is packed with features that make the browsing experience enjoyable. With the multi-tabbed feature, you can hop between tabs in a single window and the panorama feature lets you customize them in groups. You can browse the internet anonymously with the ‘private window’ feature. It also has a ‘Do Not Track’ feature that protects you from third party websites that may track your location. ‘Virtual Sticky Notes’ can be added to websites so you can revisit them later. You can also save your articles, videos, images, etc. in the ‘pocket’ and view them in any of your devices anytime, anywhere you want.

It has a number of free add-ons to personalize your browsing experience. You can browse with your voice with the voice interaction add-on, block video ads, banners, etc. with AdBlock Plus and do many more things with these features.

Another amazing feature is the automatic session restore function which reopens all the tabs you were working on, extract you text in emails and restarts your downloads. Mozilla Firefox is continuously in development and does not disappoint when it comes to its usability. In my opinion, Firefox is one of the best web browsers out there.

Arnav Sinha
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  • Secure, fast and reliable
  • Private browsing to hide your traces
  • Multiple tabs to browse different websites
  • Supports add-ons and gestures


  • No built-in support for flash
  • Compatibility issues with some websites
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